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Add Your Australian Bank Account to Your Amazon Kindle (KDP) Account in 10 Easy Steps

Hi, grasshoppers. Recently Amazon opened a Kindle store in Oz. This means that those of us in Australia who independently publish ebooks via KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing) now have the option of adding a local bank account to our KDP Accounts because Amazon has established a virtual marketplace here.

Keep calm, but celebrate – Yay!

Now, royalty payments for ebooks sold to customers in Australia and New Zealand can be credited to your bank account via EFT (and in Australian dollars) and you won’t have to wait for a cheque from the U.S. for those sales.

Like me, you probably received an email about all of this, but I noticed on some forum threads that some of us are having a few difficulties interpreting banking lingo, so I thought I’d share my experience of adding a bank account with you and spread the minty fresh Oz KDP love around. And there are pictures! Double yay!!

Here we go, then: Continue reading