Welcome to Transient Total Focus.

What is this web site about, I hear you ask?  Yes, you’re right, I have excellent hearing, grasshoppers.

Transient Total Focus, or TTF, is a term I created to describe a state that most of us experience most days throughout our lives.  We can’t focus fully very often – some of us can’t do that at all, it’s just the way we’re wired.  Never mind.  Most of us, though, can apply our focussy goodness totally for relatively short periods of time, and some of us can extend that total focus for lengthier periods.  It allows us to get all the things done that we think we need to get done and dusted.

Furthermore, unless you’re a third dan, purple belt, tea sipping Jedi Buddhist monk, Transient Total Focus is it.  And that’s just fine, my friends.  We live in a world full of distraction and data, information and infamy, scandal and scoundrels – you get the drift.  TTF is where we want to be, because TTF is what allows all of us to realise our dearest hopes.

Revel in your capacity for Transient Total Focus and join me, and others, as we discover how TTF can be our best friend as we Declutter, Discover and Create, and as we make the decisive moments of our lives count.