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Decide to Read Decisive Moments


Want to read up on how your brain works and, more specifically, how you make up your mind.  Why not decide to read Jonah Lehrer’s book The Decisive Moment: How the Brain Makes Up Its Mind.  The title is self-explanatory (there’s also an edition called How We Decideit’s the same book), but here’s some text from the blurb to help you decide:

If you believe rational thought is the foundation of wisdom and that the best decisions are based on logic not emotion, think again.  Our decisions are products of an intricate mix of reason, intuition and emotion.  If we relied on reason alone we’d be almost incapable of deciding anything at all.

The Decisive Moment tells the amazing story of what goes on in th ebrain when we make a decision.  In lucid and accessible prose Lehrer presents cutting-edge neuroscience and psychological research.  He uncovers the debate occurring between different parts of the brain when we face a choice – a debate we are almost always unaware of and often have no control over.

Jonah Lehrer also has a very interesting blog at Wired called The Frontal Cortex where you can read more about the brain and its funny little ways.  Highly recommended.