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How to be less Sedentary and More Standy-ary with a StandStand

Hey there grasshoppers.

Here’s something good to consider. Writers and others – those who work in the veal-fattening pens (thanks, Douglas Coupland) of city high-rises, for instance – spend a lot of time seated and thinking, or eating, or reflecting, or eating, or sometimes even writing.

However, it’s a really good idea to stand – quite a lot, in fact. So a while back, I bought a StandStand. It was a Kickstarter project from Luke Leafgren, an inventor and Harvard academic, and was very successful. The StandStand is a portable flat-pack in bamboo or birch that transforms your desk or table into a standing desk for your laptop, or even tablet. You can take it anywhere – mine travels around the house and veranda regularly, depending on what I’m writing and how much light I need to stay happy.

Currently, Luke is in the midst of a new Kickstarter project for the StandStandGrand, a bigger two-tier standing desk that you can see at Kickstarter (go via the main StandStand website so this link remains viable once the Kickstarter campaign is over). The campaign ends soon, so if you’re interested in it, now’s the time to make a decision. Or if you can’t afford the new Grand version, consider the lovely StandStand. Here’s mine with the help of a few close friends:

StandStand portable desk with laptop