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Photoshop – is there anything it can’t do? Grass as Art, Grasshopper

I could say it’s in honour of the approaching weekend and all of you ready to rush outdoors and do useful and useless sunny day stuff.  I could say I watch far too many games set on rugby fields with three-dimensional ads for the players to trip over.  I could say that I spend far too much time playing with image editing software, and that I’m a helpless victim of You Tube Photoshop video tutorials, especially on quiet, rainy Saturday afternoons.

I could say all of the above, but instead I’ll simply say, see below:


Is Calmness next to Catliness

Keep Calm, Grasshopper, and Jump On

In keeping with the international interest in the Keep Calm and Carry On poster and assorted accessories mania, I, too, have succumbed.

To remind you, here’s an extremely cute short, short film about the history of Keep Calm. And I have to say that if more book shops looked like Barter Books, we’d all be a lot calmer and have many more paper books on our shelves instead of Kindles, Nooks, Kobos, and lawnmowers. A Few More Blinks