Want a laugh at the end of a week of wailing in Queensland, and elsewhere?

Last Cat On Mars image Ripley comic

Last Cat On Mars – We Cartoon so You Don’t Have To

Then you’ve come to the right place – in a shameless bit of cross promotion, I’m inviting you to check out my friend, Last Cat On Mars, and her website over at Last Cat On Mars – original much?

What’s that I said about Queensland, sunniest state in the world for some of the shadiest people (read more about them in my novel, Spawned Secrets – shameless, shameless self-promotion. Who knew? It’s the political hysteria – it’s getting to all of us).

Look, it’s Friday afternoon,  and Australia’s Prime Minister is going to be punted by his own party sometime in the next week or so (today is Feb 6/15) – I know you’ll forgive me, and if not, then check out this amazingly even-handed, unbiased work of startling cartoonery from my idol First Dog On The Moon, the inspiration behind Last Cat On Mars. Also, here in Election One Day, Premierless The Next Queensland, we’re punchie waiting for all the pre-poll votes to be counted in and out.

Enjoy the weekend, grasshoppers, and let us conjointly pray to the Teapot Goddess for an election result in Queensland that favours integrity, kindness, aid to the most vulnerable, helpless and needy in our society, and respect for each other.

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