The Decisive Moment in a Nutshell

It’s short, it’s sweet, and who can argue with a guru like Seth Godin.  This is what he advised in a recent post on his blog :

You don’t need more time…

you just need to decide.

It’s as easy and as hard as that.  Decisive moments will save us time, there’s no doubt at all about it, it’s getting the practice in that’s important.  How much do you dither during a day?  Do a dither audit and find out.  What’s cooling in the kitchen, lurking in the lounge-room, bloviating in the bedroom, slithering around the study, waiting for you to make a decision?  Is it animal, vegetable, mineral, metaphorical, or thoughtful?

What small thing could you decide to do now so that you can start practising for real?  Maybe you could:

  • Pick up the phone and renew your gym membership, or cancel it. 
  • Go to where your sneakers are cowering, put them on, slip, slop and slap, and get out the door for a walk. 
  • Find a notebook, grab a pen, and start the journal you always said you wanted to keep – write for five minutes, and five minutes only, then stop.  You can decide to do it again tomorrow. 
  • Go to the nearest gadget selling shop, buy a digital camera (they’re very cheap these days), get them to throw in a camera bag and an extra battery, and start your life with photography today. 

Whatever little thing you decide to do, you’ll feel better, I guarantee it.  Eleanor Roosevelt said, You must do the thing you think you cannot do. 

So begin today, grasshoppers, decide to make a decision, and be decisive about it.

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