Creating Memoirs about Body Parts

No, this isn’t getting freaky.  I’ve been learning how to embed videos after I attended a blogging course at my local library this week, so I thought I’d try it out and venture into YouTube world again.

In July this year (2010), I participated, along with 80,000 others, in Ridley Scott and Kevin MacDonald’s project Life in a Day.  It’s designed to capture how people all over the world spent a particular day, in this case, July 24. 

So I grabbed my Handycam and made a few videos, one of which I’ve posted on this site, so you can see how easy it is to focus on something very specific, in this case my hands, and create a memoir about it.

Check it out by selecting the link on my header up there at the top of the page: Experimental Video Memoir.

More about specific focus memoirs in the next few posts, my friends.

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