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Border Force Protection Racket Hits Snag – Clumsiness Blamed

Hello fellow champions of democracy. I couldn’t let the recent interesting events in Melbourne concerning our very own Border Force (on Friday 28 August – so sue me, I need what the therapists call Take Up Time) go by without saluting them in words and images. After the hilarious ‘toon, I’ve also added the media releases by Australian Border Force and here’s a link to the ABC’s timeline of how the – what would you call it, oh, yes – fiasco unfolded

Cartoon of Border Force and Operation Fortitude

Media releases from ABF

The first one is delighted to announce the operation during which “officers will … be speaking with any individual we cross paths with.” Nothing threatening about that, citizens.

Australian Border Force Press Release re Operation Fortitude


The second one offers clarification in which the ABF “will not stop people at random in the streets and does not target on the basis of race, religion, or ethnicity.” That’s good to know.

Australian Border Force Press Release re Operation Fortitude


Then there’s the short media conference by Commissioner Q regarding the “clumsily worded” press release from way down low in the organisation: ie, the chap (Commander Don Smith) who runs the show for Victoria and Tasmania – must be a Private or a Corporal Commander, then.

Australian Border Force press release re cancellation of Operation Fortitude

I sure hope they get that clumsiness sorted soon because apparently there’s going to be 5,000 to 6,000 Border Forcelings out there eventually and they’ll be trained, armed to the gunwales and ready to rock and roll.

Clumsy doesn’t cut it, really, Q.