Heaven’s just a flicker of a decisive moment away


Rainbows are certainly a little glimpse of heaven, or else refracted light …

Have you decided yet whether or not you believe in heaven?  Did you ever contemplate making such a decision, or is your belief, one way or the other, so ingrained, so embedded like html code in the web, that you’ve never given it a second thought, you’ve never thought to re-decide your position? 

Why not think about it now as you read this Guardian interview with Stephen Hawking, Professor of Physics at Cambridge University in England (and author of the bestseller, A Brief History of Time – fairly unreadable by most people after the first few pages, I’d argue – of course, I could be in the midst of a gaggle of physics nerds, in which case, good luck to you, you stringy buggers). 

In essence, in this interview, Professor Hawking believes we’re walking computers and once our brains turn off the lights for the last time, that’s it.  Heaven, he says, is for those afraid of the dark.  So much for knowing the mind of God, as he wondered all those years ago in A Brief History …
What do you think, grasshoppers?  Heaven or no heaven?  Deal with God, or no Deal, ever?  Or would you rather fence-sit and wait to see what happens upon the last flicker?

P.S. Check out the comments in the Guardian article as well – some of them are laugh-worthy.

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